Is the image you present to the world giving the right impression?

First impressions count.

That goes for your business just as much as it goes for you.

Are you using the right colours and images to project the impression you want?

Do the fonts you use complement this impression? Or do they brand you as old fashioned?

Phil Joseph: The Networking ManDoes your brand work consistently across all media – signage, print, email, social media (Twitter & Facebook) as well as your website? Or is it a mishmash that doesn’t present you in the best light?

Phil has years of experience in the print and graphics industry and can help you to create a consistent image for your business that works well across all the different media that you use.

A consultation with Phil is like taking part in a television makeover program without the glare of the cameras or the pressure of a TV deadline.

You’ll get personal recommendations that are unique to you and your business.

Most businesses start with a no-obligation chat with Phil in person to ensure that you can work together.

This normally leads on to a half day consultation where Phil will help you to get to the bottom of what really makes your business brand tick and the image it presents to the outside world.

You’ll find out how you can present and market your business cost effectively without having store rooms full of out-of-date marketing materials.

Book your free initial consultation with Phil today and find out how you can give your business a total transformation. All for less than an advert or two in one of those door-to-door directories that most people file in the recycling bin!

To book your free consultation, call Phil now on 01452 723 999 or email him